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Item Description

The product can be extensively utilized at the region of agriculture, forestry,vegetables, storage, tea leaves, tobacco, gardens, sheds, grape gardens, brewery, city CZPT ing. It could eliminate:
(1) Vegetable pests: Spodoptera exigua hubner, spodoptera litura F., plutella xylostella, oebia unHangZhous, potato moth, snout moths larva, changa.
(2) Paddy pests: rice borers, leaf hopper, rice stem borer, yellow rice borer, rice fulgorid, rice leaf roller.
(3) Cotton pests: cotton bollworm, ranville worm, pink worm, cotton geometrid.
(4) Fruit tree pests: Grapholihta molesta, geoetrid moth, fruit-sucking moths, yellow peach grub.
(5) Forest Pests: Hyphantria cunea tiger-moth, satin moth, pine moth, pine sphinx moth, aphrodisium,anoplophora glabripennis, phigalia djakonvi moltrecht, leaf roller, apocheima cinerarius erschoff, poplar moth, CZPT leaf hopper.
(6) Wheat pests: gelechiid moth, army worm.
(7) Minimal cereals pests:jowar borer, maize borner, soybean pod borer, CZPT ish brown hawk moth, foxtail millet borer, apple-orange butterfly.
(8) Underground pests: cutworms, CZPT othis assulta guenee, night traveling beetle, propylaea japonica, coccinella septempunctala.
(9) Meadow pests: grasshopper, meadow moth, leaf beetle.
(10) Storage pests: huge gnawing beetle, tiny gnawing beetle, gelechiid moth, dim mealworm, S.Paniceum, rice moth, harmonia axyridis, and etc. there are 1326 pests.
Functioning Basic principle
Based on the biological character of pests on light, wave, colour attraction, the solution is designed with the special light-weight source (wave length 365nm-600nm),which could entice the pests into flying to the gentle bulb.
The pests can be killed by higher-voltage shocking networks outdoors about.
Technical Parameters
one.Working temperature:10ºC-70ºC.
Storage temperature:-40ºC-70ºC.
2.Mild,time,rainy handle function(optional).
3. Special trapping mild bulb,peak wavelength:365-620nm.
four.Handle location:13000-20000 square meter(R=64-80M)
  Most influence handle location:4000-8000square meter(R=35-50M)
Light bulb lifestyle span:≥5000h.
Photo voltaic panel:1 pc 40W ,polycrystalline silicon
Lamp:15W/8W flourescent lamp,life span:5000 hours
Lead acid battery :1 pc 12V/24AH 
Solar controller :1 pc 12v/5A ,
Battery box :1 pc, iron materia
Light pole :Q235 steel,hot dip galvanized spray, 1 pc,1-3m
Pole base  :triangle type or flange kind
Our energy
one. organization
Goldsun New CZPT CZPT & CZPT nology Co., Ltd. (GNEST) is a shown company in Chinese Stock Industry ( Inventory Title: Goldsun New CZPT Stock Code: 833512 ) located in the CZPT -tech CZPT Zone in HangZhou Metropolis of ZheJiang Province handles an spot about sixty,000 meters square with registered money of 52.62 million yuan. GNEST is a countrywide new power higher-tech business. It retains on researching and improvement of PV CZPT and PV application merchandise dependent on manufacturing of crystalline silicon solar panel.
Solar insect killer is a mature technological innovation of substantial-tech photovoltaic applications products created by CZPT business,with the model”XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. GOLDSUN”.The pest killing lamp has handed the inspection of the countrywide plant defense machinery high quality supervision and inspection heart ,in accordance with the needs of national normal GB/T24689.2-2009 “the plant protection equipment frequency vibration killing lamp”.This merchandise has got numerous patent of invention and certificate of science and technological innovation appraisal. This helps make CZPT business turn out to be the very first domestic foremost photovoltaic application organization in ZheJiang province with photovoltaic CZPT generation system and insecticidal lamp item design and style and creation potential
two. merchandise
one.Photo voltaic CZPT ed,it can work in the location off grid.
2.Physical pest control:High performance on exterminating pest,reduce the pest 
source for next year,reduce insecticide/pesticide 4-5times for every yr,
reduce the production cost and insecticide/pesticide residues,produce green,character, 
pollution-free products,increase the quality,output and profit, protect and improve the 
living environment.
three.Killing over 1200 species insects and pests covering 8 orders such as Lepidoptera,  
Coleoptera ,Hemiptera,Hymenoptera,Diptera,neuroptera,Orthoptera , Homoptera  and 
Thysanoptera etc.. 60%-70% of insects/pests are from Lepidoptera.
4.Automaticlly manage
Light Control:The lamp automatically works when it is darkish,and finishes doing work in the daytime.
Rain Control:automatically turn off when rain drops,and turn on when rain stops.
Time Control:preset, normally 6 hours working time.
five.Every lamp can control 1-2 acres spot

Lubrication is an crucial element to enhance the effectiveness of worm equipment transmission. The worm equipment motion generates a great deal of warmth, which lowers efficiency. The energy delivered at a given temperature boosts with the transmission effectiveness. Correct lubrication lowers friction and heat, which will increase efficiency.
china  manufacturer  manufacturer Cost Pesticide Saving, Pesticide Residue Reduction, Environmental Protection Solar Insect Killer manufacturers