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Solution Description

Large Torque Worm Equipment Double Enveloping Worm Gear Reducer

1. CZPT quality gear profiles
2. CZPT load potential, substantial strength & large performance
3. Advancement in Speak to-line situation
A speak to-line position or a get in touch with location can be enhanced by way of modifying an inclination angle of a worm tooth
four. Elevated simultaneous interlocking
Amount of enamel interlocking at a time could be much more than tripled as compared with a cylindrical worm reducer
5. Lowered Size & CZPT ght
Dimensions of wheel could be manufactured scaled-down by about 30% as when compared with a cylindrical CZPT , resulting in appreciable reduction also in bodyweight
6. Reduction in Stress on Unit Surface
seven. Heart distence: 100~560mm

As one of  famous double enveloping CZPT producers,SGR’s double throated CZPT has advantage of Substantial effectiveness, reduced sounds, easy operation , it improve output torque that imply growing loading capacity , improved equipment precision, and extended CZPT existence services period . in CZPT  double enveloping CZPT layout ,dependent on various ratio, it has Multi-tooth meshed, authorized greater peak load . with the improve of  number of pushed gear tooth , that mean in contact with the worm drastically raises output  torque force. other than increasing the variety of driven equipment tooth in get in touch with with the worm,  double enveloping CZPT also increase the contact surface on every gear tooth. The real gear surface of instantaneous speak to among the double throated  and the driven gear tooth are in-strains. These lines of make contact with move across the confront of the equipment tooth as it progresses via its whole time of mesh with the worm. The lines of speak to in double enveloping CZPT are configured to increase the  force and decrease the tension on every gear tooth.

In term of  difference of double enveloping CZPT layout and  traditional CZPT design ,  double enveloping CZPT design has increased driving effectiveness than conventional CZPT ,  Substantial torque double enveloping CZPT  adjust hardest working problem , Growing loading capability .  Prolonged life service period of time than standard CZPT , and customized design for CZPT application  

The principal advantage of worm gears is their potential to offer higher reduction ratios and correspondingly higher torque multipliers. They can also be employed as reducers for low to medium speed applications. Also, simply because their reduction ratio is primarily based on the variety of enamel on the gear, they are much more compact than other kinds of gears. Like good pitch leadscrews, worm gears are typically self-locking, generating them perfect for hoisting and hoisting applications.
china  manufacturer  manufacturer  shop High Torque Worm Gear Double Enveloping Worm Gear Reducer manufacturers